Corona-virus update

Because of the rapidly worsening situation around the corona virus in the Amsterdam region and the subsequent fall in visitors we have, sadly, decided it is best to stop giving tours starting from October 1st 2020.

We will be back some time in 2021!

Till then please please stay safe, stay sane, and keep hoping  for a better tomorrow. Things will get better! 🙂



Sightseeing, History & Cultural Heritage Tour

“The only free walking tour in Amsterdam offering the quality of a small, high-end boutique tour”

Discover the fascinating history of the most liberal city in the world with FreeDam Tours – The Nr.1 best rated walking tour in Amsterdam!

We combine beautiful sightseeing with exciting storytelling and cover everything you need to know about Amsterdam in one tour. With the perfect mix of information and entertainment, covering history, modern life, and unique personal stories you won’t hear anywhere else to help you understand the essence of Amsterdam and Dutch culture.

When and where?? Every day at 11AM (Friday and Saturday also at 2 PM!)  at our new meeting point in front of the Stock Exchange. Click here for directions.

* After the tour you can tip your guide how much the tour was worth to you. This motivates us to give you the best possible experience – always!

More Information:Highlights / Meeting Point / Pictures

Free Walking Tour of Amsterdam

Private Walking Tour of Amsterdam


Not all free city tours of Amsterdam are made equal. Out of over 700 tours on offer in the city, Freedam Tours is super proud to be ​the Nr1 best rated walking tour in Amsterdam on Tripadvisor!

See how some of our guests experienced the tour >>>


“Amazing experience! I was glad that even in corona-times I could do such a nice cultural activity. The guides are really prepared, with a lot of secrets and plenty of facts about the city. I highly recommend this tour”

Jimena on Tripadvisor (July 2020)

So why walk with us?

Compelling stories

Fascinating historic events, inspiring stories, and funny personal anecdotes. Supported by pictures, maps and paintings that bring history back to life.

Passionate local guides

Our guides are the best thing that will happen to you in Amsterdam! They are very passionate, truly local, and happy to share their knowledge with you.

Personal attention

Maximum 15 people per group (12 during Corona times) so you can hear your guide clearly, engage with them personally, and get an answer to all your questions – all for a truly high quality experience.

Best value

We offer you a tour for free and if you liked it you can tip your guide how much the tour was worth to you. This motivates us to give you the best possible experience – always!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Starting from January 2020 ALL tours and activities in Amsterdam are subject to a new and compulsory Municipal ‘Entertainment Tax’ of €1,50 (plus €0.30 transaction fees) per person. This applies to ALL providers of tours and activities, including free tours like ours and that of our fellow free-walking tour companies. Click HERE to read more about this tax.

Why this tax? 

> To counter overcrowding and strive for a ‘better balance between the costs and benefits of tourism’ – see the Municipal report City in Balance  <

> To help restore our crumbling canals walls (read more about that here) <

 So, while we had preferred not to have to charge you this compulsory tax, on the bright side,

with this small contribution you literally help keep our city beautiful AND sustainable – thank you! 👍

Due to the Covid 19 and the drop in visitor to eh city we have (hopefully temporarily) cut down on the number of daily tours.  We now have one daily tour at 11Am, and we will have a second daily tour in August starting at 2pm.

No Tours on:

1 January

27 April (kings day)

It depends a little on the guide and weather, but on average the tour is 2,5 hours long. Distance covered: 2,5 km / 1.5 mi.

The tour ends in front of the Royal Palace on Dam Square.

No, unfortunately all our daily tours are in English. It is possible to book a private tour in Dutch or German. Click here for more information on our private tours.

It’s not mandatory, but we  strongly suggest making a reservation (especially on days like Friday and Saturday!) since the maximum number group of people allowed on a tour is limited to 20 people. Reserving is fast an easy. If you are not able to make a reservation that means the tour is fully booked. But even in that case there is hope: there are always some people that don’t show up for the reservation, so if you come early (15 minutes before the start) we can put you on the stand-by list and you can take the spot of someone who does not show up for their reservation .

This is totally up to you, according to your possibilities and how much you enjoyed the tour. On average people tip somewhere between €10-15-20 per person.

Your tour guide will be at the meeting point (in front of the Stock Exchange at Beursplein 5) 15 minutes before the start of the tour wearing a yellow key-cord with their name holding a big yellow umbrella.

No. As long as there are at least 5 people, tours always run. Just come prepared for Dutch weather 🙂 In case of a truly heavy storm we may have to cancel a tour. If this happens will notify you the day before by email or text message.

In our opinion, yes. The tour starts in- and deals with the Red Light District, but all the content (historical and present day) on our tour is family friendly. This being a walking of Amsterdam, of course, we also, but definitely not only discuss prostitution and drug policies, on the contrary. However, every parent (and child) is different, so at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

No, unfortunately not. The maximum number of people allowed on a free (tips only) tour is 4 people. Bigger groups are required to book a private tour. We reserve the right to turn away multiple reservations resulting in groups bigger than 4 people. This includes different members of the same group attempting to join the tour by making several individual bookings.

Meet our guides


Owner & Guide

“Very funny, sassy, enthusiastic and full of knowledge. He made the tour super fun even though it was raining.“


“Joy puts so much energy and enthusiasms into the tour, it is very contagious.“



“If my history teacher was as good as our guide Nick, it probably would have been my favorite subject in school!!!“



“Zaida gave a great tour, keeping us laughing while sharing fascinating history and information that I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends.“



“The experience was not at all like usual tour guides, it is fun, lively, and informative.“



“She showed us Amsterdam through a lens of wit and culture – offering funny anecdotes and interesting facts throughout the tour.“



“Not only did he share his profound knowledge about Amsterdam, but he did it in such pleasant a manner that we enjoyed immensely.“



“Our tour guide Joran was lovely and his enthusiasm for the history of Amsterdam made the tour come to life.“



”Tobi connects every area with its historical context and does a fantastic job at keeping the tour entertaining and fun!“



“To say that Sam brought Amsterdam to life would be an understatement. He is an actor, raconteur, singer and entertainer as well as a fount of information.”



“Willem has such a powerful and vast knowledge, and he seems to love the city so much. The curiosities he shared were extremely important to the full understanding of the story’.“

About Us

FreeDam Tours was founded in 2016 with the mission not to be the biggest, but the best walking tour company in Amsterdam. We are a collective of experienced guides with fresh new ideas who are (almost literally) in love with what we do. So much so we created the ideal formula for the best free walking tour in Amsterdam: one containing the perfect mix of historical depth to make you knowledgeable, compelling facts to make you think again, and personal anecdotes that will make you smile. A tour that speaks to the free spirit of Amsterdam – FreeDam Tours.

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FreeDam Tours

Office: Oudekerksplein 4 (1st floor) 1012 GZ,  Amsterdam

Meeting Point: Beursplein 5, 1012 JW, Amsterdam

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